Meet Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts


SDA members are meeting at the home of Patricia Belyea, owner of Okan Arts.  Patricia imports and sells vintage hand-dyed Japanese yukata cottons. Right now she has the largest inventory in North America with approximately 470 bolts.

We’ll start in her quilting studio which is a transformed formal dining room and spend time talking about what’s up on the design walls.  Then we’ll head downstairs to her yukata cotton ya (“shop” in Japanese) and classroom. We’ll check out the various pattern styles of yukata cottons as well as talk about yukatas in Japanese culture and the chusen printing process.

SDA Seattle weekday meeting for October 2013

Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Time:  Noon – 3 pm
Location Okan Arts

315 NW 52nd Street
Seattle WA 98107

(This is in the Ballard neighborhood, down the hill from the west side of the Zoo. The most important thing to notice it is NW 52nd, not N 52nd.)

Bring your lunch and Patricia will have something fun to munch and drink as a mid-meeting snack (gluten-free).

And please bring your current work to show the group as well.
Questions? Contact  Sharon Rowley,

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