The Surface Design Association–Washington is a member-run organization.  We are a collective of hobbyists, beginners, teachers, collectors and professional full-time artists, who are all enthusiasts about the rich and textured world of fiber art and surface design.

Together we:

  • Network with each other
  • Publicize our work
  • Learn to deepen our knowledge and technical abilities
  • Generate interest and excitement amongst ourselves and the greater community
  • Collaborate to accomplish and produce more than we can as individuals
  • Share ourselves, our work, our hopes, our successes
  • Support each other
  • Welcome all who share or are interested in what we are passionate about

The Surface Design Association is an international community engaged in the creative exploration of fiber and fabric. Our mission is to promote awareness & appreciation of the textile arts.  Through member-supported publications, exhibitions & conferences, we inspire creativity, encourage innovation and advocate excellence.