Area Groups

There are several  SDA chapters in Washington. Each group is self-governed with guidance and support from the SDA Washington Rep and their Area Group Leader(s). The focus of the groups vary and include exhibiting, show and tell, discussions and sharing on a specific topic of interest and critique. All meetings are open to members of SDA living in the group’s geographic area.


Area Leader- Seiko Purdue (


No leather for the moment.

North Peninsula

Area Leaders—Evette Allerdings (

North Sound

Area Leader—Valerie Wootton (


Area Leader – Therese Stein (

South Central Washington

Area Leader—Vicki Gerton (

South Sound

Area Leader—Faith Hagenhofer (


Area Leader—Mary Arnold (

Whidbey Island

Area Leaders—Debra Calkins (, Mary Burks ( and membership chairperson Natalie Olsen (

There are concentrations of SDA members in many other areas. If you would like help starting a group in your area, email Gabriela Nirino, SDA Washington State Communications Representative, at

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