SDA-WA Member Activities February 2020



Deborah belongs to the SDA WA South Central Group. Know more about her and her wonderful work.

00-Jerry by Deborah Ann

“Jerry” by Deborah Ann. 2020. 

“I have been an artist since I was in grade school and a fabric/fiber artist since I was 15.  Didn’t plan it that way but I can’t imagine doing anything else. I built a frame loom in 1962, did a tapestry, did many more and then was loaned a floor loom which served me until the early 1970’s when I bought my own loom. From there it was all uphill. I dyed my yarn, sold my work morphed into macramé and sculptural weaving. In 1973 I found a book on soft sculpture which was the first I’d ever seen. I sold the looms and started buying fabric. Not finding anyone to emulate, I developed my own methodology. This is all before classes, books and Wonder Under.

I didn’t know anyone who did what I was doing. No one took fabric work seriously as it was considered women’s work and not art. During my years in the women’s movement it was not politically correct to do that. It was difficult to take myself seriously.

Decades later galleries and museums openly accept fabric art as art. Books are published and classes are taught in every aspect of using the medium. So much has changed all because thousands of women in corners of the country bucked the notion that it wasn’t an important form of art.

Today most of the focus of my subject is about unseen people. I portray people on the streets, people who most of us wouldn’t give a second glance to. I try to capture some of who they are and why they matter. I love the intricacies of the face and the way light plays on it’s many plains. I use Photoshop to intensify the color and highlight to contours before I make a pattern on freezer paper. I also dye most of my own fabric because the color of commercial fabric is too flat and even. I want the finished piece to be powerful and eye catching.”

02-Drum-Song by Deborah Ann

“Drum Song” by Deborah Ann. Size 31″X 45.5″. 2019

About this piece: “The background in pieced hand dyed fabric was stenciled with Paint Stik over the “music” before it was assembled. Most of the drummer’s material is also hand dyed and stencilled with Paint Stik to create dimension. After assembling the background was quilted on a mid-arm quilting machine while the image was done on a Bernina using free motion stitching.”

01-Asya-Asya by Deborah Ann

“Asya-Asya-Asya” by Deborah Ann. Size 14″x27″. 2019

About this piece: “Asya is a friend of mine who is a very courageous person. I love her spirit and ability to overcome adversity. I took these photos of her at the food bank where we both volunteer.”

03-Different strokes by Deborah Ann

“Different Strokes” by Deborah Ann. Size 31″x 28.5″. 2016

About this piece: “These brushes were used to paint a couple of murals and were so great looking that I just had to create them in fabric.”




04-Orange You A Cutie by Cheri Kopp

“Orange You A Cutie?” by Cheri Kopp.                                                                                                      Left:OAO window-installation by Cheri Kopp and Margie McDonald. PH Peter Kopp.                                                                                                         Right: PT WAS runway-model Julie Christine, PH Diane Urbani de la Paz


Cheri Kopp in Olympic Art and Office Supply

 “Orange You A Cutie?”, Cheri Kopp’s entry in the 2019 Port Townsend Wearable Art show is on display in the window of Olympic Art and Office Supply, 220 Taylor St, PT, through mid February.

For several decades Cheri collected, cleaned, organized and stored packaging detritus from fruit consumption. For this fresh, multi-layered ensemble (12 pieces pictured), she trimmed, shaped, molded, stretched, glued, stitched, and even quilted all that non-recyclable plastic and paper trash.

The materials include plastic packaging (mesh produce bags, labels, berry boxes, produce stickers), box lids, scrap paper (tissue and foil), ribbon, yard sale beads, leftover cotton fabric, on knit fabric, felt, plastic foam dish packing, hula hoop, acupuncture needle sleeves and flip flops.


05-Rescue Raptor by Leslie Dickinson

“Rescue Raptor a Great Horned Owl” by Leslie Dickinson.42′ x 38′

Leslie Dickinson in Birds of a Fiber exhibition

 Leslie Dickinson has two collaged and thread painted pieces included in Birds of a Fiber, an exhibition at the Pacific NW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum. This is a group exhibit curated by Jenny Walker and sponsored by Fine Feathered Friends Nature Storein La Conner.

One of the pieces shows Gandolph, an educational Great Horned Owl; his injuries do not allow for him to be released and he resides at the Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescuein Port Townsend, WA.  This quilt was made to be sold with 100% of the funds going to the rescue center.

Birds of a Fiber

Pacific NW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum                                                                                        703 2nd St, La Conner, WA                                                                                                        January 23 – March 1, 2020                                                                                                      Opening Reception: Saturday, January 25, 2020 3-5:00pm

06-Woodpeck by Leslie Dickinson

“Woodpecker” by Leslie Dickinson.8′ x 10′


Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry news

07-First Ladies by Caryl Bryer

“First Ladies” by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

 Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry at Jefferson Museum of Art & History

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s quilt, “First Ladies”, is on display in the Jefferson Museum of Art & Historyclassroom through March 2020. Gentry is an internationally recognized quilter in our community and the quilt will travel around the United States through 2022, with Jefferson County Museum as the first stop to kick off our celebration of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial.

08-DancingThroughTheBlues by Caryl Bryer

“Dancing Through The Blues #2” by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry. Size30´x30´

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry in Found Again

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry will have two quilts in Found Again, a juried exhibition by the Art Quilt Networkat the Ohio Craft Museumin Columbus, OH. The show features 30 contemporary art quilts by artists from across the country and central Ohio

Found Again                                                                                                                                     Ohio Craft Museum
1665 W. 5th Ave., Columbus
February 9 – April 5, 2020
Opening reception: February 9, 1:00–4:00 pm. Gallery discussion: 3:00 pm.
Local participating artists will talk about their work, their techniques and inspiration.

09-Divergence by Caryl Bryer

“Divergence” by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry. Size 30´x30



10-SDA Seattle group meeting

SDA Seattle group meeting


 The January meeting was attended by Terry Berg, Cynthia Blair, Barbara Matthews, Gabi Nirino, Anne Nelson, Barbara O´Steen, Carla Stehr, Therese Stein. Terry guided astitch meditation, which is hand sewing as a meditative and creative process.  We had also a lot of stich talking. Carla surprised everyone sharing boxes and bags full of all kind of buttons and embellishments.

11-Stiched samples

Stiched samples

Carla showed her new piece, Barbara explained the making of her jacket and Gabi shared some woven pieces.

13-Barbara Jacket

Barbara´s jacket

12-Carla Stehr new piece

Carla´s new piece


14-Basket to hold your courage by G Nirino

“Basket to hold your courage” by Gabriela Nirino Riess

Gabriela Nirino Riess at Growth&Evolution

Gabriela was selected to participate in the Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition 2020, organized by COLLECTIVA | Joalharia de Autor, OSD Industrial Co and Yesheng Art & Design Center.

This exhibition explores questions about contemporary jewellery. The evolution of jewelry may have a certain trend, but no only one answer. What is your answer? Where is contemporary art jewellers’ voice?

Gabriela statement was: “Art Jewellery is a way to resist. I resist despair making things with a meaning. Create a meaning is a powerful weapon, because having a meaning is having a hope.
You can carry that meaning with you, in you, you can give it to other people.
In Contemporary Jewellery you can give value to humble and forgoten materials. That is important to me, because I live in a reality where a quarter of the population is under the poverty line and every resource is valuable.
I have woven small baskets with stripes of corn husk (“chala”, from quechua language).
I separated fibers from the leaves and I strip of the excess with the nails to obtain a very thin thread.
Corn is a founding crop in America. The chala appears as an element of Latin American resistance. It is an apparent waste, which invisible protects the earth and generates energy when it is thrown in the field.
In this sense, it is assimilated to mute populations for history: indigenous, women, poor.”

Growth&Evolution                                                                                                                           OSD Design Center
Kunming (Shangai, China)
February 14th to March 1st 2020

16-Basket to hold your dream by G Nirino

“Basket to hold your dream” by Gabriela Nirino Riess

15-Basket to hold your hope by G Nirino

“Basket to hold your hope” by Gabriela Nirino Riess



17-Drawing with paint

Drawing with paint. Barbara De Pirro 



Drawing with Paint

We will explore acrylic paints & mediums, including Golden’s ‘High Flow’ paints within refillable markers & pens, combined with various drawing media. Discover a full range of acrylic products and techniques that allow you to develop expressive & energetically complex surfaces. Come with a sense of adventure and leave with samples to frame or to inspire future artwork! Each artist will create samples of each product, process & technique; each detail will be documented, creating a reference that will prove to be an invaluable resource for all future projects. All levels are welcome.

All products graciously provided by Golden Artist Colors for all my workshops. Supply list available on registration page.

Artist & Craftsman
FEB 9, 11-4
4350 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA
Contact for registration: or ONLINE



Member of SDA Patricia Resseguie is also the President of Northwest Designer Craftsmen.She send some news about the exhibition and Fiber Art Master Classes that will be held at the Schack Art Center.

 Fiber Art Master Classes

Northwest Designer Craftsmenand the Schack Art Center

Present Fiber Art Master Classes as part of The Currents 2020 National Craft Exhibition and Symposium
Schack Art Center, Everett, WA
Classes from March 6-9, 2020  9:30 am to 4:30 pm each day
Registration Open Now

Basket Assemblage:  Doing It My Way with John Garrett
John Garrett will share various methods he developed over the years to incorporate many varieties of materials into his basket sculptures.  Students will work with wire, hardware cloth, pop riveters and more to make numerous samples that will eventually be assembled into a basket.

Breathing Baskets with Pat Hickman
This workshop will encourage participants to explore visual ideas suggested through openwork textile structures – knotted netting and knotless netting.  Reserving openings for air, and the importance of what is not there, will be built into conceptually based quick studies and studio exploration.

Cut it Through! with Beatrice Coron
Paper cutting, from historical roots to the contemporary art scene, demonstrates its mutli-facets.  Simple techniques – cutting, stenciling, modeling – permit artists to create large installations and intimate works.  During this intensive class of serious fun, participants will discover the incredible variety of applications of this art form from fine arts to public art commissions.

Mining Historic Textiles as a Route to the Future by Gerhardt Knodel
Textiles embody the creative vision of cultures that produced them.  They can also be extraordinary sources of inspiration for artists who envision the past differently than historians.  This class will explore several strategies for proving provocative textiles in Gerhardt Knodel’s personal collection.




Nancy´s sculpture “Silken” was selected by curator  Emily Zaiden, Director and Curator of the Craft in America Centerin Los Angeles, California.

More about Nancy at

Fuller Craft Museum 

2020 Biennial
Members Exhibition
February 8,2020 – November 8, 2020