The Fabric Workshop comes to the Tacoma Art Museum Tonight!

Innovation and Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Thursday, June 21, 6 pm
Free for Third Thursday

Learn how The Fabric Workshop collaborates with contemporary artists to create new work in new materials. Discuss how the studio works with artists, from an initial idea all the way through to the final work of art, and get a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the installation-in-progress of Marie Watt: Lodge (opens Saturday, June 30) Jennifer McTague, Project Technician for The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, PA will present.

For more information about these events, click HERE

Artist Trust Hosts a Weekend of Textile Exploration, Wine and Art

 This is from the Artist Trust Newsletter.  Field trip anyone?

June 29-30 :: Mighty Tieton, WA

Join Artist Trust and Family Wineries of Washington at Camp Mighty Tieton for a packed weekend of textile exploration, art, wine and a special Pecha Kucha.

Featuring: Artist Trust; 15 Family Wineries of Washington; Artist Trust grant recipient Mandy Greer; Kathryn Gustafson; Textiles Tieton; Friends of the Rag; Moveable Type Letterpress Van; Yurts; Camp-Out Weekend; Felting; Dance Party! Plus a special Pecha Kucha on “Fabric of Creative Community,” at which presenters show 20 slides for 20 seconds each — a whirlwind of creativity!

Take on the Gimme Shelter! Design Challenge: Design and build your own lodging for the weekend, and display your functional design while camping out in Tieton. Unusual materials and shapes are encouraged. The smartest, the most extravagantly creative will take home prizes and bragging rights.

Volunteers needed! Felting assistants, community crochet assistants, gallery attendants, A/V person, ticket seller. Please contact Sylvia Imbrock for information.

Daniel Smith is Looking for Demo Artists

This in from  Deborah Burns, the Events Coordinator at Daniel Smith.


We are looking for Artists to demonstrate at our Seattle and Bellevue
DANIEL SMITH Stores, Artists who can do inspiring and informative demos!
We have free demos on the weekends to demonstrate different art techniques,
show how different art materials are used, different art mediums, etc.,
things that our customers would like to know more about, and would come to
our Free Demos to find out about!

We offer a $100.00 DANIEL SMITH Gift Certificate as compensation for 2, one
hour demos.

If you are interested please send an email to
(please do not contact the stores) with your name, phone number, website or blog and a paragraph describing what your demo would be about.  Please be sure to fill in the subject line with:  “Artist interested in doing Demos”

Some ideas for demos:
Airbrush (Iwata Airbrushes)
Copic Markers
Artist Transfer Paper
Silk Painting (with Jacquard products)
Fabric Painting & Dyeing (with Jacquard products)
Oil Bars (W&N)
Relief Printmaking:  Safety-Kut, or Linoleum (DS Relief Inks)
Silk Screening (Versatex inks)
Egg Tempera (Sennelier)
Acrylic (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
GOLDEN Open Acrylics
Watercolors (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
Oils (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
Mixed Media
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground – and creative ways to use it
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks
Portraits, Landscape, Animals
Gesso – DS Gessos

Demos work best when they are fun, inspiring and informative!  We’d love to
hear your ideas!  You can find out about our current demos on our Store

Events Blogs:
Find us on Facebook at:

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Deborah Burns, DANIEL SMITH Events Coordinator

Jason Pollen, President Emeritus of SDA, Is Coming To Vancouver, BC

Consider taking a road trip to Vancouver to hear Jason Pollen, internationally recognized fiber artist and President Emeritus of SDA speak on June 22.  It will be an inspiring evening.  Thank you SDA- BC for the invitation!

JASON POLLEN: 100 Tangos in Canvas, Silk, Pigment and Dye

When:  Friday, June 22, 2012

Where:  Festival House, 1398 Cartwright St, Granville Island, Vancouver (next to Crafthouse Gallery)

Time: 7:00pm Refreshments; 7:30pm Jason’s talk

Tickets: $5 at the door

For more information: Email  Jennifer Love  or Ros Aylmer  (please email Jennifer if you plan to attend so we can estimate numbers)

For more about Jason Pollen, go to his website by clicking HERE

This event has been sponsored by members of the BC Chapter of the SDA.

Stefano Catalani on “Working with Artists Working in Fiber”

(For those of you who were unable to attend the recent Surface Matters Symposium, we have asked fellow SDA members to write about about the various presentations. In this post, Lorraine Edmond writes about Stefano Catalani’s presentation, “Working with Artists Working in Fiber.” )

Photo by Jennifer Nerad

Stefano Catalani has been a curator at Bellevue Art Museum for 5 years, and Artistic Director of Curatorial Affairs for the past two.  His talk opened with a couple of statements that got the audience’s attention. The first was from Nietzsche:  “We have art so that we may not perish by the truth.”  The second was all his own:  “Most of you won’t ever have art in my museum. But it might not be because it isn’t good. Maybe it’s good and I just don’t like it!”

He described his work with fiber artists at BAM as fitting into the following four themes:

Abstraction, Surreality, Freedom from Reality

He likes maps because they collect data, then dish it out with combinations of color and line. Fiber art does the same, dishes it out in a different form, abstracted. Fiber reminds us of the domestic (the stereotype, the castoff. Fiber is something women take/took care of in the domestic environment. This theme was illustrated with slide of doilies with masculine symbols.

Performing the Body

Fibers have a special connection to the body, they define our identity, our persona. The softness reflects the softness, fragility, and resilience of the body. It offers the artist the ability to create an installation that reflects the body. Making an installation on site offers a distinct way of engaging with the audience. In an installation that takes place in the museum over time, the public can see the generation of the art from its early stages.

The Theater of Fiber

He has invited artists to come and take on a large space for an installation. “Fiber is the best medium for transforming a room into another world, a stage.” This theme was illustrated with slides of a Janice Arnold installation and a Mandy Greer example that occupied a 1000 sq ft room. Such installations “allow the audience to be immersed in another world in a way only fiber can provide.”

The Missing Touch: (The conundrum of craft as art)

This theme was illustrated with an example of a bullseye quilt that was made to be used and was used as a quilt before being donated to the museum. Stefano said that because it became a piece of art, it left the status of craft and “became an untouchable object, placed in suspended animation.”  He believes there is a drawback to this transformation:  “Now, their display can no longer emphasize the trueness and reveal the object–because it is a museum piece and can’t be touched.”  He offered this advice to the audience:  “Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to be an artist… making a quilt to be seen and not used makes no sense… it’s like putting a car in your living room.” Stefano hopes fiber can remain true to itself, by not becoming untouchable.

He ended by summarizing what he likes about fiber as art: identity, the body, the object. He also appreciates the skill and craftsmanship that is often inherent in the medium.

Stefano’s final message to the group was an invitation to come see “High Fiber Diet,” the BAM Biennial opening next fall.  They received more than 300 applications and accepted  44 artists. “Come see it.”  To learn more about the exhibit, please click HERE.