SDA WA Members Activities December 2020

“Flux” by Ellen Ramsey, 2019. Wool, silk, cotton, 24″ x 60″


Ellen Ramsey News

Ellen participated in a Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound exhibition posted online.

Also her neon piece, “Wired” is included in COLOUR, an online show organized by the Tapestry Touring International (UK). This is a nice way to brighten a gloomy winter day when you need a little boost.

In other news, earlier this year she edited a special publication for the American Tapestry Alliance filled with essays and interviews about contemporary practice in the field of tapestry weaving. “I’m very proud of how it turned out! “

In this link, you can go to both exhibitions and you can read a digital .pdf of the magazine.

“Flight Pattern” by Ellen Ramsey, 2019. Wool, silk, paper, pheasant feather, 5″ x 6″

“Wired” by Ellen Ramsey, 2019. 12 “x 6”, wire, cotton, wool, acrylic paint, electrical wire.

Jan Silver and Joyce Wilkerson in Pushing The Limits

Jan and Joyce were selected to participate in the online exhibition PUSHING THE LIMITS. A Virtual Shaft Weaving Art Exhibition, curated by the textile artists and weavers Olivier Mason and Lala De Dios. The exhibition includes 53 weavers all over the world.

“Weaving is one of oldest human industries -if not the oldest- and many kinds of looms or weaving devices have been accompanying humankind since the beginning of times. From the backstrap loom to dobby looms, the history of weaving has been an uninterrupted succession of technological inventions until the arrival of the first Jacquard hand looms in 18th century France.  The rest is  history. Today we are living the Jacquard digital loom era. Contemporary textile artists use this tool which allows for an -almost- unlimited freedom to weavers.

It is the aim of the curators of this exhibition to highlight the unlimited possibilities of this limited “machine” to create textile pieces that are works of art in their own right.”

“Grid#3” by Jan Silver. Triple weave. Cotton, wool, silk, stainless steel, cumare, ramie.

“Ride the Wind” by Joyce Wilkerson. 24 shaft weave, 4 wefts. 40% cotton, 20% rayon, 15% wool, 10% Tencel, 10% bamboo, 5% linen.

SDA-WA North Peninsula member´s news

Pat Herkal showed Cormorant, a new critter made in the time of Covid. “It keeps feeling more and more appropriate.”

“Cormorant” by Pat Herkal. Skull found on the beach off Water Street close to our house, wool and beads.

Debra Olson is participating at the PTSA Grover Gallery in the “One of a Kind” exhibition. This short tour gives you an overview of the beautiful 2D and 3D art works, including paintings, jewelry, sculpture, textiles and more.

Debra Olson´s birds

Erika Wurm Hitchcock “Here is my most current piece I have finished.  My first incorporating dried flora and fungi along with many other materials.

Called Autumnal Owl”,this mixed media works is 17.5″ x17.5″.  It was inspired by an adorable photograph I came across of an Eastern Screech Owl.  Created with acrylic paint, crocheted doily, repurposed wreath and consciously collected dried plant life this cutie is ready to be enjoyed. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my art.”

“Autumnal Owl” by Erika Wurm Hitchcock

“Floating Leaves” by Cathie Weir. Ply-split braiding with 4-ply artist-made cords of raffia. 

Cathie Weir showed two new pieces

“Fall Fading” by Cathie Weir. Ply-split braiding with 4-ply artist-made cords of raffia. 
Rosemary Burris´s collage

Rosemary (Rose) Burris

“I recently created a bird dog sculpture and did a fabric collage all over it. I am searching for the perfect piece of driftwood to mount him on.  Also completed several smaller collages.” 

Sculpture by Rosemary Burris

Diana Gipson at Bainbridge Art Center

This is a closeup of the piece I have in BARN’s (Bainbridge Art Center) Ars Poetica show.  It is my fiber companion to a poem, Grand Canyon.  It is a hand dyed silk shibori with appliqué stitching.

Grand Canyon



Timeworn formations caress the deep blue skyas snowy egrets utter to the
sandy beach below.

A Bighorn lamb suckles his mother’s milk,oblivious to the intrusion
of the orange headed lizard scampering by..

Cacti cling tenaciously
to nooks and crannies,
throwing their arms up in jubilation at small victories.

The shale, the limestone, the granite, and the lavamurmur quietly as the unrelenting river
nibbles grain by grain from their feet.

An orchestra of frogs and cricketswelcome the moonlight
as the deer meander near the water’s edge.

Bats swoop among the eddies and ripples,munching a delectable feast
of thorax and antennae and feathery wings.

Shadows dance against the Red Wallas it stands sentry,
keeping ancient secrets.

A majestic place,a sacred land.
The Grand Canyon

Here is the link to the catalogue, with texts and images.

Michelle Johnson at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour Artists

BIMA features regional artists from the longstanding BI Studio Tour. This exhibition showcases the range of art and crafts — functional and decorative — representative from their annual summer and winter studio sales.

“Tree Abstraction” by Michelle Johnson.  Wet felted using a variety of wool.
Mary Tyler´s piece

Mary Tyler at InLiquid Gallery

Mary Tyler has 4 pieces included in the Art Cloth Network show, Time Unbound, at the InLiquid Gallery in Philadelphia PA through Jan 2, 2021.

Dreams of the Carpenter’s Level” by Mary Tyler

Pat Herkal and Debra Olson at Northwind Art Center

Pat and Debra participated in the Small Expressions 19 Exhibit. Here it is a virtual tour

It is an exhibit of original small format artwork created by a wide selection of artists. The Juror, JEFF OLSON, selected the entries to be exhibited, then the entries receiving awards will be chosen from the actual 2- or 3-dimensional works of art brought to Northwind Arts Center on December 3.

Brooches by Pat Herkal
Brooches by Pat Herkal
“Lone Tree” by Debra Olson

Gabriela Nirino at Mydaybyday Gallery at Rome

Gabi participated in the “7 artists for 7 days exhibition 2020” at the Mydaybyday Gallery at Rome. “Women and poems” is the 5th edition of this show.

“When the whole world is in a sort of standby…life goes on and we get to immerge ourselves again in beautiful works of contemporary art jewelry design.

More info and video here

“Together” by Gabriela Nirino. Linen, hemp, silk/steel threads. Natural dyes.

SDA Members at NWCraft20

NWCraft20 is Northwest Designer Craftsmen’s first annual virtual benefit exhibition featuring the newest work of Northwest Designer Craftsmen member artists. NWCraft is intended to be an annual virtual exhibition designed to benefit venues dedicated to exhibiting fine craft: museums, art centers and galleries.

SDA members included are: Lanny Bergner, Danielle Bodine, Barbara De Pirro, Joyce Hayes, Wendy Huhn, Ann Johnston, Claire B. Jones, Nancy Loorem Adams, Gwen Lowery, Barbara Matthews, Dorothy McGuinness, Barbara Nepom, Gabriela Nirino, Barbara Osborne, Patricia Resseguie, Sally Sellers, Patti Shaw, Terri Shinn, Laura Stangel Schmidt

NOVEMBER 27, 2020 TO JANUARY 3, 2021

“Circling Terra” by Lanny Bergner
“Scudo Supremo” by Danielle Bodine
“Corolla” by Barbara De Pirro
“Bach Invention #4” by Joyce Hayes
“When Yes Means No & No Means Yes 2” by Wendy Huhn
“Wave17” by Ann Johnston
“Arches I” by Claire B. Jones
“She and They” by Nancy Loren Adams
“Path to Infinity” by Gwen Lowery
“Blue Star” by Barbara Mathews
“Shooting stars”. y Dorothy McGuinness
“Somewhat Scully” by Barbara Nepom
“Island” by Gabriela Nirino
“3 Pines Watching” by Barbara Osborne
“Reborn” by Patricia Resseguie
“Solstice” by Laura Stangel Schmidt
“Tuesdays Just As Bad” by Sally Sellers
“Tribute to Knees” by Patti Shaw
“Autumn Ablaze” by Terri Shinn
Barbara De Pirro workshops

Barbara De Pirro new workshops

Ah yes, we’re all very familiar with both but have you ‘really’ explored them as a Mixed Media, Fine Art tool? I’ll be sharing samples & demonstrating both, in combination with several Golden Acrylic products. So many variations to choose from, thick, thin, transparent, opaque, smooth, textured including some unexpected combinations. Whether you choose to use commercial tools or create your own I’ll manipulate both in ways beyond their original mark making design. Wonderful things can happen when all these worlds intermingle!

De Pirro Art Workshops 
JAN 16, 1-3 
Online registration: HERE 

Other workshops schedule here

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