SDA Members- Docent Tour of Bellevue Arts Museum

"Red Delphos Dress and Jacket," 2008 made by Isabelle de Brochgrave

“Red Delphos Dress and Jacket,” 2008 made by Isabelle de Brochgrave

Join Us for a Docent Tour of Bellevue Arts Museum

Dec. 4, 2013, 12 pm (meet at front desk)

510 Bellevue Way Northeast, Bellevue

Janet Kurjan, a docent at the Bellevue Arts Museum, is offering a tour to SDA members.  There are several exhibits that will be of interest to fiber artists.  She will start the tour with Isabelle de Brochgrave’s work, whose “central project revolves around recreating exquisite, life-size historical costumes and fabrics entirely out of paper.”

See more at:

Detail of Red Delphos Dress and Jacket, 2008

Detail of Red Delphos Dress and Jacket, 2008

"Lord Krishna and Me Standing in the Great Waters", 1993 by Cappy Thompson

“Lord Krishna and Me Standing in the Great Waters”, 1993 by Cappy Thompson

Next, the tour will move to three artists who focus on storytelling, Nate Steigenga, Cappy Thompson, and Anna Torma, in the Telling Tales exhibit.   “Working within the boundaries of their chosen media – collage for Steigenga, fiber for Torma, and glass for Thompson – each artist strives to convey conversation or dialogue through the modulation and manipulation of purely visual components” – See more at:

"The Longest Hours" 2011, by Rick Araluce

“The Longest Hours” 2011, by Rick Araluce

If there is time, the tour will include Rick Araluce’s work.  Araluce’s work is described as “ambiguous and often subtly disturbing, and the artist plays with scale and perspective to throw us off balance, creating a dual sense of wonder and uneasiness as he entices viewers to question what we are witnessing .“   See more at:

Admission is free to BAM members.  If there are at least 10 participants (who are not members of BAM), there will be a group rate of $6. Otherwise, admission is $10.

If you would like to attend, please email Janet at  This tour is open to any Washington State SDA member.



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