SDA-WA Member Activities January 2020

16.Silken by Nancy Loorem Adams

“Silken” by Nancy Loorem Adams.Raw silk thread, paper mâché form, silk cocoons, paper clay and acrylic mediums. 13”x17”x9”

15.Silken detail

“Silken” by Nancy Loorem Adams. Detail


 Nancy´s sculpture “Silken” was selected by curator  Emily Zaiden, Director and Curator of the Craft in America Centerin Los Angeles, California.

More about Nancy at

Fuller Craft Museum 

2020 Biennial                                                                                                                             Members Exhibition                                                                                                                  February 8,2020 – November 8, 2020



01.Autumn Leaves by Leslie Dickinson

“Autumn Leaves” by Leslie Dickinson.Dyed/printed fabric & handmade fabric beads


 We had a wonderful December Potluck Christmas gathering with more than half of our 40 members in attendance.  Some great show and tells too.
Here in Port Townsend we are fortunate to have the Northwind Arts Centeras a major supporter of the arts. Again this year they put on their show “Small Expressions 18”, submission of any kind of art as long as it is less than 15 x 15 x 15 inches.

07.Northwind Arts Center

They had over 300 submissions and over 100 artists.  The Show opened December 5th and will run through December 30th.  Our SDA chapter has 8 pieces in the show, by Leslie Dickinson, Pat Herkal, Barbara Houshmand, Debra Olson and Jean Marie Tarascio.

02- Tentacles by Pat Herkal

“Tentacles” by Pat Herkal. Fiber, beadwork and embroidery


“Little Ofphan” by Barbara Houshmand. Vintage textiles, rock

04.Church Crow by Barbara Houshmand

“Church Crow” by Barbara Houshmand.Textiles, beads, rosary

05.Black, White Debra Olson

“Black, White and Red All Over” by Debra Olson.Mixed media

06.Share Same Space by Debra Olson

You don’t all have to be the same to share the space” by Debra Olson. Mixed media



08.Ashia by Deborah Ann

“Ashia” by Deborah Ann


 Our December meeting was quite a surprise with exceptional attendance and nearly everyone bringing a bag full of show and tell.  Deborah Ann brought her new art quilt, “Ashia”.



09.M Thomas vest

Mary Thomas´ vest

Mary Thomas brought her vest in which she incorporated both her hand weaving, hand knitting and her silk painting.

10.Carol Flecher micro

Carol Fletcher´s botanical printing

Carol Fletcher shared her botanical printing in which she experimented with micro quilting. Evans Fletcher shared that one of his pieces, Taking Flight,is featured on pg. 70 of the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine, although he said that the image is printed upside down.

11.Vicki Gerton shawl

Vicki Gerton´s nuno-felted shawl

Vicki Gerton shared her latest nuno- felted shawl in which she incorporated one of her grandmother’s silk chiffon scarfs.

12.Carol Hall

Carol Hall´s silk painted scarve


Carol Hall, a guest, shared many of the silk painted scarves that she completed this last summer at Gruenewald Guild retreat in Chelan County, WA.

13.S Forsyth felting

Suzie Forsyth´s felting experiments

Suzie Forsyth shared both her botanical printing experiments as well as her textured felting experiments.

14.JRice collage

Judy Rice´s collage on a denim jacket

Judy Rice shared her experiments with Paintstix rubbings as well as a fiber collage on a denim jacket.




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