SDA – WA Member Activities July – August 2020

The groups keep doing  on-line meetings and sharing feelings, activities, information and projects. It is a way of being together!

Here are some of the works



Cynthia Blair

Cynthia Blair´s quilt. 32″ x 38″

Cynthia Blair showed a quilt she is doing.
Therese Stein was working on 3 projects.

“Cheeky” by Therese Stein

The crow, Cheeky, speaks for himself – he will be at the Quilt and Fiberart Museum in LaConner – if it happens.



Piece stitched with plastic by Therese Stein


The round one is for a challenge to stitch with plastic.


“Take Joy” by Therese Stein

The other is for local show, object is to express some positive ideas during the covid crisis – Take Joy – base has list of ways we can still find joy in our lives, the young lady is enjoying shade of tree, good book, cat to cuddle, basket of apples to snack on, flowers, grass and robin’s song.


“Take Joy” by Therese Stein

Terry Berg created pouches with grommets for the openings and porcelain faces from molds she made and a poppy for temperance.


Pouches by Terry Berg

Terry Poppy for temperance

Poppy for temperance by Terry Berg

Gabriela Nirino

Gabi was creating new woven friends to be with during the quarantine.

Woven people by Gabi Nirino



Erica Iseminger

I was exploring a couple of shibori techniques, using logwood, and over dyeing some with fustic or pomegranate or just mixing the fustic and logwood.

Some of the pieces are scarves and some is just fabric to make a top out of.

Erica Iseminger

Erica Iseminger´s shibori pieces


Linda Carlson 3

“Crocheting with copper wire” by Linda Carlson



Linda Carlson

My projects are similar to banana bread (lots of that at our house since March): easy, soothing projects, with an emphasis on using the stash and not starting too many new projects before older ones are completed. Old Martha Stewart Living pattern for crocheted snowflakes for “Crocheting with copper wireEspecially soothing was the painting I did on paper that was then stamped with gold and folded into origami to embellish notecards. Finally, “Red and Yellow, Blue and Green” is what I had finished last night, expecting to submit it for the Wilderbee Farm exhibit. It was inspired by Freddy Moran’s Faces project, 
I don’t do raw-edge quilting or applique, so every component is either faced or made from a tube.


Linda Carlson 1

Linda Carlson´s notecards

Linda Carlson 2

“Red and Yellow, Blue and Green” by Linda Carlson

Evette Allerdings

“Walkabout” ´s inspiration: Even as Covid is making humans shelter in place, seasons pass, nature go on. We to go on, each taking unique paths.

Evette Allerdings 1

“Walkabout” by Evette Allerdings.Size: 22” x 26″.Materials: Silk twill, Silk Dye, Resist, Cotton Sashiko thread

Diane Williams

“Who needs a haircut” put on her mask to greet the public at The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center in a current show titled Well + Being running through August 30th.Here’s the digital catalogue

“Who needs a haircut” by Diane Williams
Jeri Auty


Jeri Auty 1

“Windows” by Jeri Auty. Size:  22” x 34”. Materials:  fused, stitched and painted with water color pencils on 100% cotton

Jeri Auty 2

“Curves 1” by Jeri Auty. Size:  19” x 19”. Material:  Hand dyed and printed cotton fabrics from Ghana and assorted pieces from my stash

Jeri Auty 3

“Curves 2” by Jeri Auty. Size:  28” x 29”. Material:  Freehand curved piecing of 100% cotton fabric

Caryl Fallert-Gentry                                                                                 

My latest quilt is “Guanaco”, inspired by our trip to Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile in February.

On one of our hikes, we found a large heard of Guanacos, who did not seem to mind if we walked among them and took their pictures. We also noticed that each heard had a sentry posted on top of a nearby hill to warn the group when a puma was in the area. This photo reminded me of one of the sentries.To create the design, I combined elements from two different photos with digital painting. One photo was of the guanacos, and the other was of the Andes mountain range, shrouded in clouds. The background was digitally painted, and the edges were faded to white. The finished design was printed by Spoonflower in two pieces and appliqued together to form the complete image.  The matching binding strips were printed at the same time.The image of the guanaco is very heavily quilted with dozens of different colors of thread and the sky and outer edges are quilted in a meandering, and spiraling pattern.

“Guanaco” • 61” x 60” • Copyright © 2020 Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry & Ron Gentry •



Fiber Habit Window 1

“Long and Narrow” by Sue Gale, Leslie Dickinson and Deb Olson

Sue Gale, Leslie Dickinson and Deb Olson in “Long and Narrow”

July – September 2020The inspiration for this exhibit came from thinking about the display itself rather than any thoughts of the works to be created in terms of color, subject or technique.  Simply exploring this form encouraged us to create pieces that make our minds work more vertically, with composition and focus in a different arrangement.  Vertical lines can often create a sense of calm, even though  a variety of themes, colors, materials  and techniques are involved. Artists on exhibit are:


Sue Gale   1.Buttoned Up!  2.Love is Love is Love  3.Leaf Play

Leslie Dickinson   Ig: PTLeslie.    4.Crossroads  5. Circular Wander  6.Treasure Boxes.

                                                             7.Random Chaos. 8.Lime Squeeze

Debra Olson  9.Cosmos   10. Celestial Ensemble  11. All About Stars                                                               12. Small Stories  13. Leaf Prints  14.MeditationsWeb site Fiber Habit Window 

Fiber Habit Window 3

“Long and Narrow” by Sue Gale, Leslie Dickinson and Deb Olson



Hand embroidery, free-motion and hand stitching, applique, quilting, boro, felting, beading, crochet, hand-dyeing, rust-dyeing, resist-dyeing, mixed-media and silk painting are among the techniques used by 15 North Olympic Surface Design Association members in dozens of pieces now exhibited in the chapter’s Uptown Port Townsend “Fiber Habit” display window at 675 Tyler St. and online at
The exhibition was on view from the sidewalk until July 5, each piece is a response to the chapter’s challenge to create pieces 8 x 12 inches in size while sheltering at home. Artists represented include:
Sequim: Linda Carlson, “Coppery Strands” and “Inspired by Boro”                                     Liisa Fagerlund, “Over the Garden Fence” and “Dungeness Moss and Lichen”
Port Angeles: Evette Allerdings, “Focus”; Barbara Houshmand, “Hanging by a Thread” and “One Last Tree”                                                                                                                                   Port Townsend: Leslie Dickinson, “Isolation” and “Pandemic”; Sue Gale, Untitled; Pat Herkal, “Hope”; Kindy Kemp, Untitled; Debra Olson, “Paper Leaves” and “The 2020 Times”; Janice Speck, “Oranges and Lemon” and “Give a Dog a Bone”; Erika Wurm, “Starret Tufted Puffin”
Marrowstone:Joyce Gordon, “Rust and Stitch”
Port Ludlow: Elaine Girard,” Here’s Hope”; Carol Reynolds, Untitled                                  Port Hadlock: Mary Tyler, Untitled

Sue Gale Surface Design Assn 14

Sue Gale´s piece


Liisa Fagerlund Surface Design Ass

“Over the Garden Fence” by Liisa Fagerlund. Painted fabrics, embroidery, yarns on lace and felt foundations


Leslie Dickinson Surface Design Assn

“Pandemic” by Leslie Dickinson


Evette Allerdings Surface Design Assn

“Focus” by Evette Allerdings


Erika Wurm Surface Design Association

“Starret Tufted Puffin” by Erika Wurm



Linda Downing

“Three sisters” by Linda Downing


Wall hanging by Linda Downing


“Granny Squares” by Linda Downing

linda Quilt

Wall Hanging Quilt with Kumihimo tassels by Linda Downing

Stephanie Metzger


Quilt by Stephanie Metzger


Quilt by Stephanie Metzger. Details

tunic metzger front

Tunic front and back by Stephanie Metzger

Tesi Vara


Quilt (12″x12″) by Tesi Vaara using fabric paint, stencils and stitching

This next quilt depicts Tesi’s feelings on Black Lives Matter

Quilt (12″x12″) by Tesi Vaara using fabric paint, stencils and stitching.

Alana Koehler


Alana Koehler’s tie dyed jacket


Alana Koehler’s tie dyed table cloth


Alana Koehler’s tie dyed socks and bag


Members have been busy even though we cannot meet in person.

Suzie Forsyth shared a photo of a red felted jacket that she is working on.  We can hardly wait to see the finished product.


Suzie Forsyth´s felted jacket


Deborah Ann shared photos of two of her recent art quilts:  “Amaryllis” and “Clay Pots”.


“Amaryllis” by Deborah Ann


“Clay Pots” by Deborah Ann


Vicki Gerton shared images of two of her mindless sewing projects that she completed during the lockdown using Bojagi – Korean stitching technique- to piece together her dyed silk fabric scraps to make ruanas.

purple ruana front

Vicki Gerton´s purple ruana

magenta ruana back

Vicki Gerton´s magenta ruana

She also made two small purses using some handwoven cotton fabric scraps.

purse from scraps

Vicki Gerton´s small purse

purse ikat front

Vicki Gerton´s small purse


Vicki also shared images of 20 8 x 8 inch fabric squares that she is going to send to an exhibition and Congressional donation for the Violet Protest. 

violet protest 20 8 x 8 squares

Vicki Gerton´squares for Violet Protest. 8″ x 8″ each

The Violet Protest is a public effort to send 50 hand-made ​textile squares to each and every member of Congress ​in support of these core American values:
 ​• Civility and Respect   • Citizenship   • Compromise •  Country over party and corporate influence• Courage     • Candor    • Compassion   • Creativity

Whether we knit, crochet, quilt, or embroider all 26,750 of these squares — through this social action, and from every corner of America; we as makers of all political persuasions, believe we can employ our willing spirit and our talents to contribute to healing divisions that threaten our country. ​This collection of textile squares will be first displayed at Phoenix Art Museum, in the Spring of 2021, before they are sent to the new
​117th Congress by late 2021.

You can read about the Violet Protest at




“Ancient Wild Hares”  by Danielle Bodine. 24”Wx25”Hx12”D. Mulberry papers cast on coiled baskets, painted, collaged, embellished with “tongs” and other objects

SDA Members in National Basketry Organization’s Members in Print 2 Exhibition

SDA-WA Members Nancy Loorem-Adams, Lanny Bergner, Danielle Bodine, Barbara De Pirro, and Dorothy McGuinness artwork has been juried into the NBO’s second biennial Members in Print Exhibition. Artwork is featured in the Summer 2020 edition of Basketry, NBO’s full color magazine . This year’s theme is Patterns and Textures.

Juror Jo Stealy, Ph.D. (newly retired head of the fiber program at the University of Missouri) selected the artwork from 263 entries and photos


“She and They” by Nancy Loorem Adams. 29H x 28W x 23D


“Flora Meshell #6” by Lanny Bergner. 19 x 14 x 8 in. Stainless steel mesh, wire, silicone


“Byzantine” by Dorothy McGinness. 9”x20”x14”. Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, polyester thread


“Thistle” by Barbara De Pirro. Painted Papers, Acrylic & Crocheted Stainless Steel Wire


WA Regional SDA Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please contact the area leader

Eastside—For more information, please email

North Peninsula—Please, contact Sue Gale for more information

North Sound (Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom and Island Counties)—The group is having virtual meetings. As soon as we can, we’ll be going back to in person meetings. I’ll keep up updated. Area Leader Valerie Wootton

Seattle– The Seattle group meeting will be on August 12 from 11 to 1, online. Please, contact Cynthia for more information

South Central—  Vicki Gerton will again be hosting a Zoom meeting for August 12, starting at 10 am.  Please email Vicki  at if you would like an invitation to attend the meeting. We will have a design challenge and members will be showing their recent surface design work.

South Sound—Please contact Faith Hagenhofer at for more information.

Surface Design Study GroupMeetings are the first Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. To attend the group, you can register by droppingby BARN, calling Tammie at BARN at (206) 842-4475 x216

Vancouver, WA—Please contact Sharon Svec atsharon@smsvec.comfor more information.

Whidbey Island—The meetings are held on second Tuesday of themonthand typically run from 9:30 am to noon. Area Leaders—Debra Calkins (, Mary Burks ( and membership chairperson Natalie Olsen (

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