“The hand is the window on to the mind” Immanuel Kant

SDA WA Members News

It have been a while since I publish a post. Sorry, life sometimes is just too much! I hope that you all are doing well and that you are founding joy in your art. Here are some news. You can also follow SDA WA on Instagram and on Facebook. If you tag @sdawashington when you post some news it is easier for me to share them. Thank you!

Gabi Nirino, SDA WA Communications Rep

“Interlinked 12” by Claire B Jones

Claire B Jones Solo Exhibition “A Perception of Failure” at Cascadia College

SDA-WA member Claire B Jones has a solo exhibition at Mobius Art Gallery where she will explore the idea that failure is partly about perception. In this exhibit, Claire displays a statement next to each piece explaining why it failed to meet her original objective. The viewer can then include this in their analysis and see how it impacts their opinion of the piece.

A Perception of Failure

Mobius Art Gallery

Tues November 15th – Tuesday December 13th 2022

Opening Reception: – tentatively scheduled for Tuesday November 15th 5pm-7pm. Please check Cascadia College

18345 Campus Way NE

Bothell, WA 98011

Gallery Hours: – Monday through Thursday 9am – 4pm

Seattle group meeting with Roberta Wagner

The Seattle group meeting during October was hosted by Claire Renaut. We have Roberta Wagner as a guest artist, showing some of her work and talking about her art journey. Thank you so much!

You can appreciate her beautiful work and read about her blog here https://www.robertawagner.com

Terri Shinn on Quilt National ´23

Terri Shinn quilt “Uncertain Interludes” was juried into Quilt National ‘23. This exhibition is organized by the Dairy Barn Art Center. The jurors were Chiaki Dosho, Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi and Irene L. Roderick.


Seiko Purdue news

Seiko Atsuta Purdue is Professor in the Fibers/Fabrics area in the Department of Art and Art History at Western Washington University. She developed the Fiber area’s blog (Western Washington University).  She said: “I had so many talented students since I started teaching here.  It has been 20 years!  Please view the images on each course and BFA. I am planning to offer the Japan trip course in Fall 2024.  https://wp.wwu.edu/fiber/

One big project I have been putting lot of time and energy into is a Japanese textile exhibition that I am curating.  It’s called Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art, and will be on view at the Whatcom Museum February 11 through June 10, 2023.  The exhibition will travel next to the Boise Art Museum during the summer/fall 2023 and to a third and final West Coast venue in winter 2024.  “Katazome Diaspora” (spreading important techniques) is my original idea and introducing both tradition/history and contemporary applications.  I will bring a Japanese artist and more participating artists.  I will let you know about the relevant events, lectures and workshops. “

“Hope & Triumph” by Leonie Castellino

Leonie Castelino on Through the Wall exhibition

A collaboration of three artists who through – the power of their art -passionately engage in dialog on women, pandemic and feminism.
Inspired by Irene Osborn’s sculpture, ‘Through the Wall’, they seek understanding by turning to early feminist history, ‘On the Equality of the Two Sexes’ by Francois Poulain de la Barre, 1673.
In this multimedia conversation, they weave their art in ethereal fabric, clay, bronze and haunting music into a mesmerizing and evocative exhibition.

More about Leonie here http://www.leoniecastelino.com/

THROUGH THE WALL – Breaking Free

Opening Reception Nov 5, 2022. 3 – 5 pm

Nov 2 – Dec 4, 2022

Pacific NW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, La Conner, WA

Wed – Sun: 11 am – 5 pm

Left to right: “Breaking free”, “Cocoon in Pink & Green”, “Dance in Blue & Copper”, “Dance in Magenta” by Leonie Castelino.

“An Infinite Wave” by Claire Renaut

Claire Renaut news

Claire was accepted at the International Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival 2022.

“Geometric Assemblage” by Claire Renaut

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