Connecting the Community through Art

We asked Barbara Zander to write about her new silk constructions for Evergreen Medical Center.

Art can transform a space, evoke an emotion, tell a story, spark a memory or inspire hope. I experienced this recently while working on two silk constructions for Evergreen Medical Center.

Art is an integral part of Evergreen They had recently completed two new buildings in Redmond and Woodinville, Washington and they wanted art for each of these buildings.  They also wanted the Evergreen staff and public to have a part in the creation of the art so they would feel a connection to the new buildings.

The design accepted for Woodinville is called “River Of Hope”. It has a “river’ meandering through the abstract piece. “Threads of Hope” is the name of the Redmond art. That clinic serves people from all over the world and Evergreen wanted that reflected. Threads seemed to tie everyone together.

For the public part of both pieces I dyed yards of silk ribbon.. I constructed small looms for the ribbon. Each building had two open houses for the staff and public. At each event staff and public were asked to write on the ribbon what hope means to them. Messages ran the gamut from hope for cures for cancer, health for their families, thanks to Evergreen for providing hope to their children’s names. Particularly poignant were the messages of hope for the victims of the Japan tsunami which had just occurred. After writing their message each person could weave their ribbon into the larger piece. As we all know, art speaks volumes and these two projects definitely proved that. There were long lines waiting to write their messages.

I then took those weavings and began to incorporate them into the final construction. Both constructions have hand-dyed and arashi pleated silk in panels that surrounded the weavings. The silk is mounted on textured aluminum. Each 70” x 36” construction contains 400 individual pieces.

The art was installed in May. Next to the art are the names of each person who contributed to the piece.

To see more of Barbara’a work:

And do take a moment to see her youtube videos about her process.

River of Hope

Threads of Hope

One comment on “Connecting the Community through Art

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks to Barbara for sharing. I really like the community involvement!

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