Gail Harker Creative Studies Center adds online art course to reach students worldwide

Internationally known textile and fiber artist, author and educator Gail Harker will launch the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center’s first online course Nov. 29, Level 1 Color Studies.

Unlike other art courses taught online, Level 1 Color Studies is a hands-on course that teaches students about color theory and gives them guidance, practical experience, and resources on how to use color in their work – no matter what media an artist uses.

“Many people are intimidated by color,” said Gail Harker, founder of the 17-year-old Creative Studies Center. “They think everything is black or white, right or wrong. But there is no right or wrong. We help students understand color and teach them how to make sense of it, giving them a hands-on foundation they can use throughout their work.”

The Level 1 Color Studies Online course will be delivered through video instruction, Power Point demonstrations, and office hours during which students may speak with the tutor directly. Students will also have e-mail access for questions and comments, participate in group conference calls, and receive 400 pages of online content.

Level 1 Color Studies Online course is comprised of three units. Students will move through the coursework on their own schedule, but will complete each unit within a six-week period. In this course Harker guides students to see color in new ways, work with color directly through the use of papers and paints and lays the foundation for future work with color.

For the past 17 years, students had to travel to Oak Harbor, and more recently La Conner, to learn from Harker, who studied art in Canada, England and Scotland. She earned her diploma from the London City & Guilds Institute completing the Design and Embroidery course with Distinction. Harker was granted the Senior Award of Licentiateship (LCGI) by the London City & Guilds Institute in London, Great Britain.

Harker plans to offer other courses online in the future. In addition to color studies, the Center helps students artfully implement color into surface design and textiles. Since its beginnings in 1994, more than 1,500 students have taken courses in textile art, multimedia art & design, color studies, dyeing of fabrics and threads, machine stitching (machine embroidery), hand stitching (hand embroidery), painting fabrics, papermaking, sketchbook studies and collage.

Contact: Gail Harker, phone: (360) 279-2105 / email:

About Gail Harker Creative Studies Center

Internationally known textile and fiber artist, author and educator Gail Harker has the equivalent of a Masters in textile and fiber art as well as contemporary embroidery, also known as stitch. More than 1,500 artists have studied at the Creative Studies Center, which offers professional certificate and diploma programs in design and stitch. Several students have gone on to win national and international recognition. Learn more at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center website.

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