Michele Wipplinger on the Resurgence of plant-base dyes

Artisans worldwide are using plant-based dyes, as are commercial dye industries. Natural dye extracts are now readily available, the technology is commercially viable and the application methods can be used for all fiber types.  Gone are the obstacles to using plant-based dyes to create beautiful, color fast dyes. And perhaps most importantly, the consumer is taking an interest in how their clothing is being colored.

Michele will discuss the history, current commercial use and the art application of natural dyes in her talk, Color: Trends in the Culture of Cloth at the Surface Matters Symposium.  You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to benefit from Michele’s thirty-some years of experience and expertise in the field.


Michele Wippingler is the owner of Earthues, a fair trade, women-owned business. The aim of Earthues is to teach and learn about natural dyes and sustainability using eco-methods and exquisite colors for creating beautiful surface designs.


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