SDA-WA South Sound Group has formed!!!

On April 1st, nine SDA members from the South Sound/Peninsula region gathered for the first time! This marks the 5th active SDA group in Washington!

Members all brought work to show and a energetic discussion about the purpose and intention of the south sound group took place.

Some of the ideas generated as possibilities for the group and future meetings were demos, show and tell and feedback, group show/exhibition, materials swap and workshop possibilities. The group also generated a list of possible discussion topics including resumes, pricing your work and studio practices.

The SDA-WA South Sound group will meet the first Sunday of every other month from noon-3pm. Upcoming meeting dates are June 3rd, August 5th and October 7th.

Anyone is welcome at these meetings. Contact SDA member Jennevieve Schlemmer at for more information.

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