Kay Khan to teach Quilted Vessels at the Pacific Northwest Artschool

But first………

SDA member, Zia Gibson also wanted to let fellow SDA members know about her new collaboration with Sue Taves called Broken Mended Hearts.  You can visit the website to learn more by clicking HERE.


Fall Offering at the Pacific Northwest Artschool

Kay Khan, – Quilted Vessels – Oct 22-26, 2012

Artists should often suspend judgment and indulge in play.  In this workshop, we’ll experiment with ways to create a heavily worked surface by stitching together layers of fabric, paper, and felt using machine and hand quilting, drawing, and collage.   We’ll find ways to embellish and build up the surface that will simultaneously add structure. The goal is to create a flexible but strong working material – thick with imagery, thick in layers – that we can then cut and stitch to create three dimensional forms.  We will make a paper pattern for the shape of the quilted sculpture, cut sections from the thick fabric material we create, bind the edges, and then build small vessels.

Quilted Vessels: Experiments in Building with Fabric and Collage

Instructor: Kay Khan
October 22-26, 2012
Tuition:  $595/Deposit:  $100

To learn more about this class and to register, click HERE.

To see all the fiber classes being offered at the Pacific Northwest Artschool, click HERE.

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