Daniel Smith is Looking for Demo Artists

This in from  Deborah Burns, the Events Coordinator at Daniel Smith.


We are looking for Artists to demonstrate at our Seattle and Bellevue
DANIEL SMITH Stores, Artists who can do inspiring and informative demos!
We have free demos on the weekends to demonstrate different art techniques,
show how different art materials are used, different art mediums, etc.,
things that our customers would like to know more about, and would come to
our Free Demos to find out about!

We offer a $100.00 DANIEL SMITH Gift Certificate as compensation for 2, one
hour demos.

If you are interested please send an email to Deborah.Burns@danielsmith.com
(please do not contact the stores) with your name, phone number, website or blog and a paragraph describing what your demo would be about.  Please be sure to fill in the subject line with:  “Artist interested in doing Demos”

Some ideas for demos:
Airbrush (Iwata Airbrushes)
Copic Markers
Artist Transfer Paper
Silk Painting (with Jacquard products)
Fabric Painting & Dyeing (with Jacquard products)
Oil Bars (W&N)
Relief Printmaking:  Safety-Kut, or Linoleum (DS Relief Inks)
Silk Screening (Versatex inks)
Egg Tempera (Sennelier)
Acrylic (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
GOLDEN Open Acrylics
Watercolors (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
Oils (prefer DS brand – though others we carry are fine)
Mixed Media
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground – and creative ways to use it
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks
Portraits, Landscape, Animals
Gesso – DS Gessos

Demos work best when they are fun, inspiring and informative!  We’d love to
hear your ideas!  You can find out about our current demos on our Store

Events Blogs:
Seattle: SeattleDanielSmithEvents.blogspot.com
Bellevue: BellevueDanielSmithEvents.blogspot.com
Find us on Facebook at: Facebook.com/DanielSmithArtStores

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Deborah Burns, DANIEL SMITH Events Coordinator

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