The Fabric Workshop comes to the Tacoma Art Museum Tonight!

Innovation and Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Thursday, June 21, 6 pm
Free for Third Thursday

Learn how The Fabric Workshop collaborates with contemporary artists to create new work in new materials. Discuss how the studio works with artists, from an initial idea all the way through to the final work of art, and get a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the installation-in-progress of Marie Watt: Lodge (opens Saturday, June 30) Jennifer McTague, Project Technician for The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, PA will present.

For more information about these events, click HERE

2 comments on “The Fabric Workshop comes to the Tacoma Art Museum Tonight!

  1. Evan Harris says:

    It sounds like you plan a lot of wonderful activities hope to be there to join you tonight

  2. Taylor Alameter says:

    So, does The Fabric Workshop work with fabric stores or individual artists to create things? Or, I guess they could do both! I think it would be really great to come and see sometime!

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