Yarn-Bomb With Fellow SDA Members!

Luke Hayes, SDA member, invites you to

Yarn-graffiti a store!

He will provide some materials and some instruction and we will take over the whole front of a building!!

He has all the afghans and granny squares he could find at all the area Goodwills and materials you can use to make your own squares to add or embroider your name or images or anything you want [within reason] to the wall of this building.

He’s even bringing the pattern to make some space invaders out of squares.

8-bit graffiti! He’ll bring patterns for Marios and other game figures for the more adventurous.

Come down and meet other stitchers or bring all your friends!!

There will be materials for those who don’t have any or bring your own additions.

This will be awesome!  You know you have always wanted to do this.

Contact: luke@lukehaynes.com
828- 273-2066
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/433687686682015/
Location: 482 15th Ave E,  Seattle WA
Time: Friday 8/24 5pm- dark
Saturday 8/25 12pm- dark
Cost: FREE!

Go to the Facebook Event Page to learn more and sign up to attend:https://www.facebook.com/events/433687686682015/

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