Ready To Take Your Art To The Next Level?

Are you aware of the graduate-level program that is available to all of us right here in Seattle? The University of Washington’s Certificate Program in Fiber Arts, now in its sixth year, has graduated over 100 fiber artists, many of whom continue to meet and exhibit their work together as an ongoing supportive cohort. They have left this program with an enhanced body of work, strengthened artistic voices, and strategies for their ongoing artistic growth.

The program meets Tuesday evenings on the UW campus, 6-9pm, October 2012 – June 2012, and culminates with a student show.

The gifted instructors of the program are….

Layne Goldsmith – Professor, Fibers, UW School of Art
Michael Cepress – MFA Fibers UW, Artist, Designer
Julia Freeman – MFA Fibers UW, Artist



Program instructors will discuss the program and answer your questions

September 13, 2012
6-7 pm in the
UW School of Art, Room 327.

Find your way there with a map to the UW Seattle location

Can’t attend this meeting? Get more information from the certificate overview page.

Read below the testimonials of a few graduates to get a sense of how participation in this program has significantly enhanced their creative journeys.

Kaylin Francis

“Autumn Equinox”

“Sometimes in life, we follow our hearts for unknown reasons.  Deciding to apply to the Fiber Arts Certificate Program was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  The program not only gave me confidence in myself as an artist, but it also gave me a group of friends that I will always cherish.  A direct result of taking the Fiber Arts Certificate Program is being a member of Fiber 19, my graduating class.  As a group, we laugh, we talk, we argue, we help, we cheer each other on…in other words, we are connected in a very meaningful way. “

Kathy Craig


“I am a longtime sewer, crafter and quilter. I was trying my hand at art quilting and really enjoying it. When I saw the Fiber Arts Certificate Program, I signed up. What a great experience. I learned how to push myself to try new things and how to work on a deadline. The community spirit of the class was wonderful. Everyone was very supportive of each other, even though we worked in different mediums. My classmates are now some of my closest friends. This program opened me up to a variety of new experiences, even after the program was completed. I would recommend it to anyone interested in fiber art.”


Tina Koyama

“Red Orange and Vivid Violet”

“In 2007, I received my certificate in the inaugural class of the University of Washington’s Fiber Arts Certificate Program. The rigorous, three-quarter program includes conceptual and professional development for fiber artists. Students in my class worked in a wide range of fiber media, including beads, weaving, quilting, needlework and mixed media.”




Meegan McKiernan

“Story Dress: Fern”
Image by Ken Rowe.

“This program is an incomparable resource for anyone working with fiber who would like to elevate the level of their work. Imagine graduate school level instruction that is responsive to your unique interests and talents, including full access to the UW library and all its resources. Completing this program ranks high the list of things I’ve done to nurture my creative spirit. And the community that has grown out of the experience, together with the rest of the alums, has become invaluable support and huge fun. If you have an ounce of interest, I encourage you to find out more and to not let this opportunity pass without a complete understanding of what you will be missing. “



Dorothy McGuinness

“Split Decision” – Image by Ken Rowe.

“I joined the Fiber Arts Certificate Program after reading about the program and attending an information meeting. I realized this could be an opportunity to learn new skills and processes on how I approach my work. I expected the program to be challenging and it was. It forced me to work on design and conceptual aspects of my work rather than the technical aspects. I also felt that working with other fiber artists and being exposed to other ideas would give me new insights into my work. One of the best things I got from the program was a community of other fiber artists with whom to meet and network on a regular basis.”


Linda Joyce Minor

“—it isn’t how you do it, it is that you do!”

“The Strength of a Royal Warrior is not always a Man”

“Prior to that final comment on my work for our graduation show, I had ‘artist block.’ I spent a wonderful year teaching

sewing at the Horn of Africa (United Way Program) to try to break through; but still the block persisted. I had high hopes that this program could help me break the block.  I wanted to ‘paint’ with fiber.  I wanted to take an idea or one of my photos and transform it to an Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism and even Pop-Art using fiber.  By the end of this program, not only had I found my ‘art voice’, I found an intensive love of color, texture and African fibers. My work as of this date centers around African cloth such as Mud, Indigo, Kente, Adinkra and the patterns, weaving, colors and textures used in the past and present.”


Louise Roby


“I took the Fiber Arts Certificate Program to help me get back into my creative self. The certificate program was the perfect experience to shake me up and let my creative ideas flow. I learned to work with my ideas and concepts effectively so that projects go more smoothly now from creation to completion. The program also helped me address the organizational and business side of a creative practice. I recommend the program to anyone wanting to go beyond where they are now. You will learn a lot about yourself and your creative inner workings, understand better how to process your ideas and get those creative wonders out into the real world where they can be shared with others.”


Debra Calkins

“Baby Maker”

The Fiber Arts Certificate Program changed me. While I’m still working with the same general subject matter, I view everything differently, from materials, to techniques, to possibilities, to taking risks, to being the best I can be in the work that I love doing. My world view shifted. Going to this program is one of the best things I ever did.







Course information

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