Are You Coming To Next Wednesday’s Meeting?

Don’t miss this program!

Brittany Faulkner, Artist, Teacher, and Life Coach is our guest at the next SDA Wednesday Daytime Group.

Prepare for next week’s SDA daytime gathering by completing Brittany’s informative questionnaire.  You can access it by clicking HERE.

SDA First Wednesday Daytime Group

October 3rd
12 Optional lunch
1-3 Gathering


Goal Setting. What hinders us? what is our motivation? How do we function?


Maude May and Leah Adams Studio at BallardWorks Studios – 2862 NW Market (corner of Market and 30th – across from the Taco Time). Our studio is on the ground floor with white french doors facing the parking lot (enter via last door on the left) – you can’t miss it. It’s the building where the SDA Surface Matters exhibit was held.

Please RSVP to

Maude and Leah will provide a salad, utensils, plates, napkins.
We’ll need drinks, bread and a sweet treat, let Maude know what you can bring when you RSVP.


To learn more about her work

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