Join us in November! Symbology and Carving Rubber Stamps

The Evening SDA meeting is going to explore symbology and make rubber stamps.

What is symbology? Well I looked it up in my trusty dictionary and it is “the art of expression by symbols”. What symbols keep coming up in your art? Do you have a personal symbol? For example, are you drawn to art with spirals? Or circles and grids? Or shapes in nature like leaves. Between now and the November meeting take moment to consider what symbols you are drawn to. Bring some examples. After a brief group discussion on symbology we are going to spend the rest of the evening carving rubber stamps (out of erasers). We will try them out on paper or fabric. You should be able to make a couple of stamps and combine them to make new designs.

Date: November 19, 2012
Time: 6:00 to 8:00
Location: 1600 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA
Bring: Examples of “your” symbol. Bring fabric or paper for testing your stamp designs. If you have a utility or exacto knife please bring it. If not, I will bring extras. I will bring the erasers, some paint and ink to test out our stamps.
Supply fee: $3
RSVP: Deb Taylor (I want to make sure I have enough supplies) or 206-368-9979

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