“Hive” Installation Art on Camano Island


Barbara De Pirro

Barbara De Pirro

Many of you have heard of or attended a Golden products lecture or workshop led by Barbara De Pirro.

A wonderful artist and SDA member, Barbara shares her knowledge regularly on how to use all sorts of acrylic art materials, from gels, pastes and mediums, to paints, grounds, and glazes!  Barbara’s most recent project is an installation piece- “Hive” which flows out of and over a grand old Cedar tree at the Matzke Sculpture Park on Camano Island.

Barbara created this amazing sculpture using reclaimed plastic bottles, stitched together with staples and stainless steel pins.  Light plays off of the material, illuminating it in an organic way.

Detail view of "Hive"

Detail view of “Hive”

Barbara is “fascinated by the brilliance and resilience of nature while at the same time its fragility & vulnerability.”  She states, “I surround myself with its many forms, surfaces and textures. Nature is as much a part of my life as it is the impetus for all my artwork.”

The Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park is located at 2345 Blanche Way, on Camano Island.  Make sure to stop by, if you’re in the neighborhood!


A detail shot that shows how "Hive" is stitched together with stables.

A detail shot that shows how “Hive” is stitched together with stables.