Gail Harker’s Online Color Studies to begin January 12!

Twenty-six students from Wisconsin, Michigan, California, and several cities in Washington to British Columbia, and Australia registered for Gail Harker Creative Studies Center’s first-ever online course, Level 1 Color Studies.

Many more students expressed interest in online Color Studies but didn’t want to start the first six-week segment during the holidays, so Gail is offering another Level 1 Online Color Studies course starting January 12.

Level 1 Color Studies is a hands-on course that teaches students about color theory. It also gives them guidance, practical experience, and resources on how to use color in their work – no matter what media an artist uses. Harker helps students understand color and gives them a hands-on foundation they can use throughout their work.

Watch the video to see what Gail teaches in the three six-week sessions, what students can do with their sketchbooks, and what they may achieve through the use of color mixing.   Click here to see the brochure.

Level 1 Color studies is just the first of many courses the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center plans to offer, said Harker. In 2012, she plans to debut several shorter courses, including one on Sketchbooks.

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