Registration for Ann Johnston’s 2012 workshops has opened.

Ann Johnston will hold a series of fabric dyeing and quilt design workshops in her Lake Oswego studio in 2012.

To ensure maximum individualized attention, class size will be limited to four participants. Registration opens January 10, 2012. Registration closes for all workshops February 10, 2012.

For more information: or

1. Begin with Color by Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing

3 days, May 12-14, 2012
A fast-paced run-through of the possibilities with new variations offered by the low-water immersion dyeing approaches introduced by Ann in her book Color by Accident

2. Add Dye Painting and Printing to Your Options

4 days, May 17-20, 2012
An introduction to all the basic surface design techniques with thick and thin dye, using brushes & rollers, stamps & blocks, stencils & screens.

3. Silk Only—Understanding the Alternatives

5 days, May 23-27, 2012
An exploration of dyeing a wide variety of silks using methods such as painting, printing and immersion with soda ash, citric aid and vinegar, including the selective removal of sericin. Some experience with Procion MX dyes required.

4. Focused Dyeing

5 days, July 20-24, 2012
Is there a particular texture or pattern or theme or color that you want to use for a quilt or series of quilts? Consider it a puzzle to solve in this workshop. Some experience with Procion MX dyes required.

5. Untangle Your Design Decisions

5 days, November 1-5, 2012
A personalized exploration of the elements of design—line, shape, color, value, pattern, texture—to answer that constant question: “Now what do I do?”

6. Using Your Own Hand-dyed Fabric

5 days, November 8-12, 2012
Bring a pile of your own hand-dyed fabrics to build on the ideas that prompted dyeing it or on ideas that are suggested to you by the fabric.

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