You’re Invited! A Special Docent Tour of the BAM Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet

Bellevue Arts Museum
Saturday, Jan. 19 from 2-4
With Janet Kurjan

For those of you who haven’t seen the BAM Biennial:High Fiber Diet at
the Bellevue Arts Museum, or would like to see it again,  Janet Kurjan is inviting
CQA and SDA members to visit while she has her gallery duty as a BAM
docent on Saturday, Jan. 19 from 2-4. There are two other wonderful
exhibits on view as well, a Japanese bamboo exhibit and an exhibit of
Nikki McClure’s papercut work. Click HERE to learn more about the exhibits.

Janet will provide a tour of the bamboo and fiber exhibits starting at 2
pm and then you can spend additional time on your own. If there are
at least 10 participants (who are not members of BAM), there will be
a group rate of $6. Otherwise, admission is $10. If you would like
to attend, please let here know by emailing her at
If the numbers are large, she will need to get an additional docent so that we can
split the group.

Many thanks to Janet for making this opportunity possible!

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