Thanks to everyone who helped make the Ryther’s event such a success!

Many thanks to all of you who contributed materials and time for the project at Ryther. Lots of supplies were dropped off at my house and we had a hard working team here last week cutting paper, gluing reinforced tops on the flags, punching holes for the ribbon and cutting ribbon to tie the flags together. Yesterday, there was an enthusiastic group of young people making banners. One of the kids commented that it was so nice to have something special to do since they are still on break from school and getting a bit bored. The kids seemed proud of their creations and will now have something cheerful to hang in their rooms.

Clay, the volunteer coordinator from Ryther, put a photo and thank you on Facebook and you can see one of the kids (face excluded) holding their banner by clicking HERE.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a success!

 Happy new Year!

Barbara & Suzanne

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