Cameron Anne Mason’s Show “Madrone” Opens March 7th

(Click on images to enlarge them.)    

March 7 – 30, 2013
Foster/White Gallery
220 3rd Ave S #100
Seattle, WA 98104

Cameron Anne Mason’s relationship with nature is as much a part of her life as the artwork it inspires. Where we see stone and trees, Mason sees history and strength. Her latest series, Madrone, honors the Madrone trees which line Puget Sound’s shores. Their vibrant colors and layered depth are captured in carefully dyed, stitched and constructed textile sculptures.

Mason is fascinated not only by the strength of these trees, but their fragility, and the way in which both of those characteristics relate to fabric and her work. “Fabric is strong, its threads interwoven to create the cloth that swaddles us from birth to death, much like the roots of the Madrones bind the rocky soil together. And yet, cut just one thread and a weak point is created in the whole cloth.” The structure in her work is self-sustaining, through the layering of her hand dyed fabrics. Mason builds her landscapes up, and tells their stories with stitch.

Mason has been exhibiting her sculptures with Foster/White Gallery for several years. Her background in theater arts has also encouraged several installation projects throughout Seattle, including SAM Set the Table, MAD Arts, COCA’s Rootbound and the Bellevue Art Museum. Mason was most recently honored with a solo exhibition at the Oregon State University’s Fairbanks Art Gallery.

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