A Studio Sale You Won’t Want To Miss……


Hi SDA Pals – I’m moving to Portland at the end of August (to be closer to family).

On Saturday August 17th from 10-5 pm I’ll be having a studio sale

LOTS of great (and some weird) stuff. Furniture: tables, cabinets, chairs, stools/Supplies: paper, pens, paint, inks, fabric, craft supplies, books, odds and ends.

Pricing will be EXTREMELY reasonable. I have rented a new studio in Portland, but it’s not as large and I don’t want to move lots of stuff.

Feel free to email me with any questions about what’s available.

Hope to see you Saturday the 17th!

Best – Maude

Oh – my studio is at BallardWorks -2852 NW Market – corner of 30th and Market, across the street from the Taco Time – parking in front – last French door on the left as you face the building – Spark Studio

Maude May
Spark Art & Design

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