WORKSHOP PROPOSALS (for the Fiber Fusion Show)



After the wonderful response to the 2016 traveling exhibition, we now ask
you to turn your attention to our call for instructors.

Will you share your skills and techniques?  Have you a particular method
you would like to teach? We would like a good variety of classes, so if you
have some unusual ideas please let us know.

There will be wet and dry facilities available. You can apply to one event
or all four. Children’s and adults’ classes, or short workshops. Take your
pick! We look forward to hearing from you and finding new skills to master.

Surface design Association website has several resources for teachers,
including class planning and activities. See the following link for details

Deadline for teacher proposals for Richland show in June is April 8 For
full information on making a proposal go to:

One comment on “WORKSHOP PROPOSALS (for the Fiber Fusion Show)

  1. ann darling says:

    Barbara I’m out of the country till the first week of May but if you run short of classes I’ve been pretty successful teaching people about gelatin printing on cloth. I don’t have time to write a proposal at this minute but possibly could follow up next week when I’ll be on a ship and more time available. It would be for adults. Best regards Ann Darling

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