Upcoming Acrylic Workshops with Barbara De Pirro

Barbara De Pirro, a SDA WA member, is a painter, sculptor, installation artist and educator, sponsored by Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She works both two and three dimensionally, translating and cross pollinating her concepts from one media to the other. Her expansive knowledge of acrylic, combined equally with her broad understanding of a full range of media opens the door to vast possibilities. All of this, she generously shares with other artists in her workshops and lectures.

All products graciously provided by Golden Artist Colors for Barbara’s classes.  Most other supplies & tools provided by instructor.  Supply list provided.

Here are some of Barbara’s upcoming classes:


Encaustic Effects with Acrylic

Encaustic Effects with Acrylic

Encaustic Effects With Acrylic

APR 5 & 6, 11-4


Learn how to create the luscious effect of wax encaustic surfaces, both transparent & translucent, using acrylic gels and mediums. Explore layering in painted, collaged, drawn or transferred images. These techniques will create a mysterious & luminous depth, enriching your artwork!

Where: Artist & Craftsman   4350 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA

Contact for registration:




Collage & Mixed Media

Collage & Mixed Media

Collage & Mixed Media

MAY 11, 11-4

Discover methods of combining textile, fiber, paper, found objects and acrylic to create inspirational artworks.  Build up surface texture, imagery and pattern using both collage and assemblage techniques, combined with a range of textural acrylic products.  Gain a concise understanding of the qualities each product offers; in creating texture, for gluing and embedding.

Where:  Artist & Craftsman   4350 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA
Contact for registration:  http://www.eventbrite.com/o/barbara-de-pirro-4165162463



Acrylic Essentials: Mediums & Gels

Mediums & Gels

Mediums & Gels

MAY 24, 11-4

Gain a working knowledge of one of the most versatile and durable painting options for artists today, Acrylic!  We will focus specifically on the vast array of mediums & gels, extending paints, altering viscosity, changing the sheen, slowing down drying time and so much more. Understanding each of the unique characteristics of the various products is the key that unlocks & blasts open the door of possibilities.

You will create samples of each product,  process & technique; each detail will be documented, creating a reference that will prove to be an invaluable resource for all future projects.  All levels are welcome.

Where:  Dakota Art Center  17873 SR 536, Mt. Vernon, WA

Contact for registration:  (360)416-6556 ext 5



Texural Surfaces

Texural Surfaces

Textural Surfaces

JUNE 8, 11-4

Explore a diverse and remarkable combination of textural acrylic grounds, pastes and gels. Discover the unique qualities each product

offers in its natural state, plus a range of techniques that can be used to manipulate the surface. Experiment with paint on each of these surfaces, extended with water, or mixed with various mediums. The same technique appears very different with each new product.

You will create samples of each product,  process & technique; each detail will be documented, creating a reference that will prove to be an invaluable resource for all future projects.  All levels are welcome.

Where:  Artful Touch   12437 116th Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA

Contact for registration:  (425)823-2336



For more about Barbara’s art, go to her website at:   www.depirro.com  or her Facebook page:  De Pirro Studio


Study Surface Design with Jane Dunnewold

JaneWork directly with Jane Dunnewold in a 5-day workshop!  Three spots are  now open for this opportunity to learn mixed media techniques on textiles directly from the master.  Her workshop, “Surface Explorations” is at the Pacific NW Art Center on beautiful Whidbey Island from October 14th-18th.  Jane Dunnewold is the President of SDA, the creative genius behind Art Cloth Studios, and a well-know author.


Spend the week exploring a large subset of processes that can be used on paper and fabric – all of which should be in every mixed media artist’s toolbox.  These include photocopy solvent transfers, paper and metal leaf lamination, gilding, water media crayons, a French process called “devore'” – which literally “burns out” cellulose fiber when it is combined with synthetic paper or cloth, and the unexpected beauty of sanding into dry paint to generate gorgeous distressed surfaces.

HomePage1_lgFor more information,  registration, and the supply list go to: http://www.pacificnorthwestartschool.org/all/mixed-media/dunnewold-jane-october-14-18-2013-deposit-only

Pacific Northwest Art School:  15 NW Birch St, Coupeville, WA 98239

For directions and lodging recommendations: http://www.pacificnorthwestartschool.org/directions-lodging.htm

Trisha Hassler – Life-Long Fascination with Paradox

Trisha says that she has always been fascinated with paradox and that she has been stitching, cutting and reassembling everything that would hold still since childhood. Both impulses are clearly visible in her continuing series where she combines torch cut steel with quilted fabrics.  If you haven’t seen her work, take a moment to visit her website.  It will inspire you.

Trisha will be talking about how personal style evolved, her inspiration and her plans for the future at the Surface Matters Symposium in a talk entitled, Surface Connections.

We hope you will join us for what is surely to be an amazing conference.  Registration opens January 7th.

website: trishahassler.com


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